Your Job Search with AI

Land your dream job faster with AutoApply’s AI that automates job applications, customizes CVs, and crafts personalized cover letters.

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You can now apply for each job with a custom resume and cover letter with no effort.

At AutoApply, we help you find the right job quickly. We match your skills and goals with employers who need them. Land your dream job and stand out to employers by automating your applications with our AI-driven tools.

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Save 80 Hours

Active job seekers spend almost 80 hours a month to apply to jobs. Now you have AutoApply AI to do it for you. 

Custom Applications

AutoApply can use custom resumes and custom cover letters for each and every application. Better than even humans. 

Creative Answers

AutoApply uses ChatGPT to answer the application questions creatively based on your past experiences.

Automate your job search with Autoapply’s Job Search Suite

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AI CV Builder

Interview prep(upcoming)

AI Job Searches

Dashboard to track your job applications

AI Cover Letters


Custom Cv Builder

Creative Answers