Empower Your Job Application: Mastering Action Verbs in Your CV

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In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is more crucial than ever. The key to making a memorable first impression lies in the power of your CV. This blog serves as your guide to transforming these vital documents from mere summaries of your career into compelling narratives that capture the attention of potential employers. Through the strategic use of action verbs, you can bring your professional experiences and achievements to life, making your application not just informative but also vibrant and engaging.

Action verbs are the secret ingredients that can turn a standard resume into an impactful story of your career journey. They add energy and clarity, emphasizing your role in your achievements. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate stepping into the world of employment, understanding how to effectively use action verbs will give you a significant edge.

In this guide, we are going to cover;

  • What are action verbs?
  • Why action verbs matter?
  • How to use action verbs in your CV with examples
  • A comprehensive list of action verbs that you can use in your job applications

This blog will not only explain what action verbs are but also demonstrate how their proper application can elevate your job application. By the end of this read, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to craft a CV that don’t just list your experiences, but actively showcase your skills, achievements, and potential, significantly boosting your chances of landing your dream job. Let’s dive in and make your job application come alive!

But first, lets revisit our English basics that we may have overlooked in our Middle school learnings.

What are Action Verbs?

Action verbs are like the superheroes of grammar! They’re the words in a sentence that get things done. Imagine action verbs as the main characters in a story, doing all sorts of cool stuff. They run, jump, laugh, think, and so much more. These verbs bring the action to our sentences, making them exciting and full of life.

Think of a sentence as a mini-movie. Without action verbs, it would be like watching a movie where nothing happens – pretty boring, right? But when you throw in action verbs, suddenly the movie comes to life with characters moving, talking, and doing interesting things. Action verbs are also time travelers! They can take us to the past, present, or future, just by changing their form. This helps us tell when something happened – like “jumped” for yesterday, “jump” for today, and “will jump” for tomorrow.

So, every time you use an action verb, you’re not just building a sentence; you’re creating a little adventure in the world of grammar. It’s fun to see how different action verbs can change the story you’re telling. Remember, in the world of words, action verbs are the stars that make our sentences shine!

In a grammatical sense, action verbs are vital for establishing the tense, mood, and voice of a sentence. They are the driving force that moves the narrative forward, enabling writers to articulate a wide range of actions and emotions. For example, verbs like “run,” “speak,” “laugh,” or “think” not only describe specific actions but also provide context regarding the time (past, present, future) and manner (quickly, loudly, joyfully) of these actions.

Why Use Action Verbs in my Job Application?

In the context of job applications, such as CVs and cover letters, action verbs are particularly important. They transform a mundane list of job duties into a compelling narrative of achievements and skills. Using action verbs, job seekers can effectively highlight their contributions and impact in previous roles. For instance, words like “managed,” “created,” “improved,” or “led” showcase leadership and initiative, while “analyzed,” “developed,” or “negotiated” demonstrate specific skills and abilities. Employing these verbs helps to create a strong, active voice in your application, making your experiences stand out and leaving a lasting impression on potential employers. In summary, action verbs are essential tools for creating dynamic, impactful job applications that clearly convey your professional accomplishments and abilities.

Action verbs, also known as dynamic verbs, play a crucial role in resumes and cover letters. They are powerful tools that help job seekers effectively convey their skills and accomplishments. Unlike passive or linking verbs, action verbs showcase what a person can actively do, making them essential in crafting impactful job applications.

In the context of a CV, action verbs are used to describe an individual’s professional experiences and achievements in a way that highlights their contributions and effectiveness. They paint a vivid picture of a candidate’s capabilities, making the application more engaging and persuasive to potential employers.

For example, instead of saying, “Was responsible for leading a team,” using an action verb like “Led a team” makes the statement more direct and powerful. This use of action verbs helps in creating a strong impression, showing that the candidate is proactive and results-oriented. Additionally, action verbs are instrumental in tailoring a resume or cover letter to a specific job description. Many employers use automated tracking systems to scan job applications for relevant keywords, many of which are action verbs. By carefully selecting action verbs that align with the job description, applicants can increase the chances of their resume passing through these systems and catching the eye of the hiring manager.

Moreover, action verbs help in breaking the monotony of traditional resume language, which often relies heavily on passive constructions. They bring energy and clarity into the descriptions of past roles and achievements. For instance, verbs like “achieved,” “improved,” “developed,” “initiated,” or “transformed” provide clear indicators of success and initiative.

AutoApply’s CV Builder is revolutionizing the way we create CVs, especially with its innovative approach to using action verbs. This tool isn’t just a regular CV maker; it’s like having a personal career coach who knows exactly how to showcase your skills and competencies in the most dynamic way possible. The magic lies in its smart use of action verbs. Instead of the typical, overused words that often populate CVs, AutoApply’s builder selects unique and powerful verbs that truly make your resume stand out. These aren’t just any verbs; they are carefully chosen to reflect your specific skills and experiences, painting a vivid picture of your professional journey.

What sets it apart is its ability to match your skills with action verbs that resonate most in your industry. Whether you’re a ‘developer’ who ‘engineered’ innovative software solutions or a ‘marketer’ who ‘orchestrated’ successful campaigns, AutoApply ensures your CV speaks the language of your field.  By enriching your resume with the right action verbs, AutoApply helps your application not just to be seen, but to be remembered. It’s about making your competencies shine brighter, giving you that extra edge in the competitive job market. In the world of job hunting, where standing out is key, AutoApply’s CV Builder is your secret weapon.

Language matters!

Picture this: You’re an HR superhero, zooming through a mountain of CVs every day. But wait, there’s a problem – they all sound like twins! “Responsible for this,” “Critical thinker there,” “Team player everywhere.” It’s like a never-ending echo!

Now, imagine if these CVs had a sprinkle of magic dust – something to make them sparkle and dance off the page. That’s what power words, or super-action verbs, do! They’re like the secret sauce that makes your job skills and achievements do a happy dance. Want your CV to be the star of the show? Try jazzing it up with some action words. They’re like little fireworks that light up your resume, making sure you shine brighter than a diamond in a sea of resumes. So, let’s turn your CV into a showstopper that even a superhero HR manager can’t ignore!

Action words are like a spotlight for your biggest accomplishments. Not sure about that? Let’s do a little experiment and compare an example with and without these dazzling words.

Think of your resume as a stage. Without action words, it’s like a play without any lights – everything is there, but it’s hard to see the magic. Now, add some power words, and suddenly, it’s showtime! Your achievements light up, and everyone can see just how amazing they are.

In the correct example, “Revitalized” is a powerful action word that showcases not just the action taken, but the energy and effectiveness behind it. It gives the impression of transformation and positive impact. The addition of a specific achievement (boosting quarterly revenues by 30%) further highlights the result of this action.

Correct ExampleIncorrect Example
Revitalized sales strategy, boosting quarterly revenues by 30%.In charge of changing the sales strategy.

In contrast, the incorrect example uses a more passive phrase, “In charge of,” which doesn’t convey the same level of proactivity or success. It’s more about the role than the achievement. Now let’s study some more such examples:

Correct ExampleIncorrect Example
Orchestrated a comprehensive rebranding initiative, leading to a 40% increase in brand recognition.”Handled the company’s rebranding.
Engineered a new customer feedback system.
Responsible for setting up a new customer feedback system
Cultivated a high-performing team, resulting in a 50% improvement in productivity.Managed a team
Streamlined operational processesTasked with improving operational processes

In each correct example, the action verb is not only more specific but also implies a level of success and impact, which is absent in the more passive, incorrect examples.

A Comprehensive List of Action Verbs to Choose From

For Teamwork and Communication:


For Management and Leadership Achievements:


To Showcase Your Creativity:


For Problem Solving Accomplishments:


For Research, Analysis, and Planning:


For Support


Words to Use Instead of “Improved”


Words to Use Instead of “Responsible For”


Action Words to Use Instead of “Worked On”


Action Verbs that Mean “Use”


Adjectives to Add


How Often Should You Use Action Words? 

These words can greatly enhance the way your abilities and achievements are presented, making your CV more compelling and effective. Let’s talk about how to jazz up your CV with action words, and do it the right way!

First, picking the right power words is like choosing the perfect outfit for a job interview. You’ve got to match it to the job you’re eyeing. Take a good look at the job ad, spot the key skills they want, and think about your own super skills that fit the bill. Now, dive into our action word treasure chest and pick words that show off those achievements. Easy-peasy, right?

But hold on, there are some golden rules:

– Go for action words that you can back up with real numbers. Like, instead of just saying you’re a “sales wizard,” say “boosted sales by 20%.” Numbers are like magic wands; they turn words into wonders.

– Avoid braggy words like “I’m the best.” Show, don’t tell. Let your achievements do the talking, not just fancy adjectives.

Now, how much is too much? Imagine action words are like the sprinkles on your resume cupcake. Too few and it’s bland, too many and it’s a mess. Stick to one or two per sentence. Use them smartly, and don’t overdo it. After all, no one likes a cupcake that’s more sprinkles than cake!

Wrapping it up, think of your resume as your own personal storybook. The action words you choose are like the colorful illustrations that bring your story to life. They give the reader (in this case, the hiring manager) a vivid picture of who you are and what you’ve achieved. But remember, it’s all about balance. Just like a good story doesn’t need too many fancy words to be great, your resume doesn’t need to be overloaded with action verbs to impress. Use them to highlight your key achievements, make sure they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for, and always, always back them up with some solid evidence. With these tips in your toolkit, you’re all set to turn your resume into a work of art that’s sure to catch the eye of your future employer.

Ready to make your CV shine like a superstar? Give AutoApply’s CV Builder a whirl! It’s like having a magic wand for your resume. This tool is smartly designed to sprinkle just the right amount of action words throughout your CV, striking that perfect balance that captures your unique story. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, AutoApply ensures your CV isn’t just a list of jobs, but a compelling narrative of your professional journey. With its intuitive design and tailored word choices, crafting a standout resume is now a breeze. So why wait? Try AutoApply’s CV Builder and watch as your resume transforms from good to remarkable, opening doors to your dream job!

Happy CV writing!

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