How it works-2

Using AutoApply is as easy as

1, 2, 3


Add Extension to Chrome

The AutoApplying feature works exclusively with the Chrome browser.

Instant job applications with a single click.
Matches jobs based on your profile and preferences.
Auto-fills applications using your LinkedIn details.


Pin Extension to the Chrome Bar

Secure the AutoApply extension on your Chrome toolbar for quick access.

Accelerates job search, making it 4x faster.
Real-time job alerts and notifications.
Easy access to AutoApply’s full suite of tools.


Login to Extension & Create Your Account

Log in and set up your AutoApply account directly through the extension for seamless job applications.

Use your preferred email ID for job alerts.
Upload your resume for easy job applications.
Complete your profile to enhance job matches.


Set Your Job Query

Set your job query with care, guiding us to pinpoint the exact roles you’re targeting, ensuring tailored job recommendations.

One query per job role maximizes feature use.
Choose location and experience level for tailored job matches.
Professional package: Create up to 4 job roles.


Set Your Preferences

Specify your preferences to guide AutoApply in accurately answering job application questions, ensuring a personalized and efficient job search process.

Enter job type and preferred industry for targeted applications.
Specify desired job location for localized search results.
Choose experience level to match job role requirements.


Click at Extension and Start Autoapplying

Launch the extension and hit ‘Start Autoapplying’ to begin your job application process seamlessly and efficiently.

Apply to 20 jobs daily per role.
Quick job applications with a single click.
Streamline your job hunt for faster results.

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