What are must-have requirements?
  1. Have a paid subscription.
  2. Have an active LinkedIn account, and your resume uploaded there.
  3. Have complete profile on our app.
  4. Add Job Queries on our app.
  5. Install Chrome extension and pin it.
Can I upgrade package?

Yes, you can upgrade package. You need to fill this form. We will automatically set it up on your account with our payment provide, and the package will renew as soon as the payment is charged.

Can I downgrade package?

Yes, you can downgrade package, but it will happen at the end of current subscription period.

Which countries do you work in?

Our extension works globally, but only for English language based job applications. In other languages, it will submit application, but we don’t commit our AI will be able switch languages on the run. Therefore, we recommend using it only for English language based applications.

What is "Maximum jobs allowed to Apply" limit?

In one session, you can apply up to 20 jobs per job query. This limit is for two reasons: You may only get few number of relevant jobs any day; and secondly, LinkedIn doesn’t like applying too many jobs in one go. 😉

The extension is not answering correctly OR got stuck on LinkedIn EasyApply?

Please make sure you have answered all questions in “Questions*” on your account. If the error still persists, we recommend to send screenshot to support@autoapply.jobs, so we could fix the error.

In case it got stuck, please answer those questions manually, and apply on that job, and restart AutoApplying. LinkedIn remembers the answered questions once if you have turned that settings ON here. Make sure you have at least one latets resume uploaded on this page also.

I am getting errors on LinkedIn

LinkedIn sometimes put restrictions on how many jobs one can apply. If you face this error, we recommend waiting a day before you apply again. If the issue persists, reach out to us at support@autoapply.jobs.


What is Fill Form on extension (manual use)?

If you like a job and you want to apply, and our extension’s Fill Form button available, you can click it and the extension will the form automatically for you and submit the application.

How do I get support?

You can reach out at support@autoapply.jobs any time.