Job Seeker’s AI Assistant

Unlock your full potential and accelerate your career growth with our advanced AI-driven job search toolkit. From crafting resumes to drafting cover letters, acing interviews, expanding your network, and streamlining the application process, we’ve got you covered.

Our JOB GPT seamlessly automates your job applications by intelligently leveraging your personal data for fast, targeted applications.

Your AI Assistant to

Successful Job Hunt

Save 80 Hours

Active job seekers spend almost 80 hours a month applying for jobs.

Now you have AutoApply’s AI to do it for you.

Creative Answers

AutoApply uses ChatGPT to answer the application questions creatively based on your past experiences.

Transform your job search now!

Long-Term Career Growth and Advancement

Meet industry expert human coaches to talk about career options and your choices.

We plan to add these services by June 2024.


Custom Applications

AutoApply can use custom resumes and custom cover letters for each and every application.

Better than even humans.

Interview Prep(Upcoming)

Once you land an interview, take mock interviews and prepare to impress in every interview.

We will be adding this module by June 2024.

24 hours Available

AutoApply is available at your service 24/7/365. It never sleeps.

Don’t Just Search, Apply! One Click to 500 Jobs with our professional package.

Transform Your Job Search Now!

Set Your Ideal Job Criteria: Preferences Tailored for You

Define your preferences, like desired salary, ideal locations, and job rights, to fine-tune your job search.

Our user-friendly platform customizes each application to meet your unique needs, streamlining your job hunt and enhancing your chances of finding the perfect match efficiently.

AutoApply in 3 Easy Steps

AutoApply makes job hunting as easy as 1, 2, 3. Start by selecting the job role that fits your career goals. Next, customize your job search by setting preferences for how recent the job postings should be, choosing from the last 24 hours, seven days, or a month.

 Finally, with just one click, you can activate the autoapplying process. AutoApply will take it from there, streamlining your job application process with unmatched ease.

Unlock Greater Potential with the Professional Package

Enhance your job search with our Professional Package, allowing you to define four job roles at once. This feature opens up more opportunities, significantly boosting your chances to land your ideal job. Dive into a wider job market and navigate through diverse career paths easily with AutoApply.

Embrace the power to shape your career exactly how you want with our Professional Package.

Effortlessly Manage Your Applications: Our Job Dashboard

Streamline Your Job Hunt with AutoApply’s Dashboard: Easily track every application you’ve submitted, from company names to roles, including direct links and the dates applied.  

Tailor-Made Resumes: Elevate Your Job Search with Our Custom CV Builder

Effortlessly craft unique resumes for each job application with our selection of templates. Customize your CV for every role to highlight your skills and experience, boosting your chances of securing your ideal position.

Upgrade Your Skills Section Using ChatGPT Insights

Elevate your resume’s skills section effortlessly with AutoApply’s CV builder. Leverage ChatGPT’s AI capabilities to seamlessly refine or add skills, making sure your resume highlights your best qualities.

Crafting a standout CV is simple with AI assistance guiding you every step of the way.

Upgrade Your Resume Instantly with ChatGPT’s Help

Elevate your resume effortlessly using autoapply’s CV builder, featuring ChatGPT integration. Get real-time help to perfect the job responsibilities section of your resume.  

Instantly Tailored CVs with AI CV Builder

After setting up your profile, quickly create personalized CVs. Just give us the job description, and our AI tailors your resume to match the job perfectly in just a few seconds.

Enjoy the ease of customized CV creation, streamlining your job search process.

AI-Powered Cover Letter  Generator 

Create Custom Cover Letters Effortlessly: With your profile set, our AI jumps into action, taking any job description you provide to craft a personalized cover letter tailored for the role instantly.